Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Outlander Playlist (see the tabs above for other books in the series!)


Scotland The Brave

After Claire goes through the stones and finds herself thrust upon a group of Clansmen...

The Mummers Dance

Claire riding with Jamie, taking comfort in his kindness - and again when she’s visiting him at the stables and having dinner with him in the castle, etc...


Claire dealing with Dougal and Colum and feeling lonely... and realizing how difficult it is to stay alive, let alone wait until she can get home again...

Highland Wedding

Played during Claire and Jamie’s wedding...

Love is a Battlefield

While Jamie and Claire are fighting after Claire’s botched escape attempt...

All I Want is You

Played while Claire and Geillis are being held in the water... and Jamie rescues Claire in the same scene. (slow motion - especially when Claire sees Geillis’ small pox vaccination scar)

My Love is Like a Red Red Rose
(Eva Cassidy)

Claire and Jamie professing their love at the cottage after Claire stayed in the 18th century for Jamie...

(Ryan Adams)

Claire standing in the doorway, looking at Jamie (who doesn’t know she’s there) contemplating how to bring him back from the depression is killing him...

Running Up That Hill
(Peter Gabriel / Kate Bush)

Claire giving Jamie the “exorcism” (there's pouring rain outside - lots of thunder and lightning)