Dragonfly in Amber

My Dragonfly in Amber Playlist


Dream On
(Kelly Sweet)

Claire lying in the hospital bed, dreaming of Jamie when they think she’s crazy after she comes back through the stones to 1946

This Woman’s Work
(Kate Bush)
We see Jamie screaming his lungs out for Claire while he’s being dragged away (in slow motion) as she is lying on the ground bleeding and going into labor. We see Claire delivering Faith - holding her tiny body - lying in the hospital dying - and finally being treated by Raymond.  We see shots of Jamie in jail throughout. 

My Immortal

When Claire sees Jamie again after Faith dies

I Alone

When Jamie and Claire make love for the first time after Faith dies and Jamie tells her to promise he’s the only man she’ll ever make love to again
Goodbye My Lover (James Blunt)


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Jamie and Claire spend one last night together in the cottage before Jamie sends Claire back through the stones

When Jamie sends Claire running away from the cabin/soldiers, up the hill and back through the stones.

Adagio For Strings

When Jamie returns to the Culloden battlefield and fights, thinking he's not going to live to see another day (lordddddd the tears in my eyes while listening and typing this!)

Culloden’s Harvest / New Dawn
When Claire talks to Roger and Bree about Culloden / When Roger tells Claire that Jamie didn’t die at Culloden.

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