Drums of Autumn

My Drums of Autumn Playlist

Make Me Smile (ComeUp and See Me)Cockney Rebels andSteve HarleyRoger to Bree
Deciphering Me
Brooke Fraser
Bree to Roger
I Would Walk 500 Miles (The Proclaimers)Jamie to Claire... and Roger to Bree (at the 20th century Scottish Festival) I see something cute, like the men doting on the women simultaneously while in separate centuries
Into the Mystic
(Van Morrison)
Jamie and Claire on the boat, headed to River Run
In a Big Country
(Big Country)
Jamie (Totally gratuitous shirtless scene - working outside on the Ridge... C’mon... Humor me)
The Sweetest Thing
(Juice Newton)
Claire waking at dawn and watching Jamie sleep
(Kenny Loggins)
Jamie and Claire  at the fence at night
Why Should I Cry For You?  (Sting)Roger deciding whether to stay in the 18th century
American Highlander (The Rogues)LORDDDD, THE GATHERING!!!

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